Space Is Not A Thing

Premise: Space is NOT a thing. Space has no structure or substance. Space is a mental concept of the human mind that we use to picture the imaginary container real stuff resides in. I find no credibility in the alternative, that space-is-a-thing with structure and substance. Why? Here’s why!

Every experiment has failed to show evidence for space-as-a-thing.

But the big no-no is that space-as-a-thing violates the First Law of Thermodynamics. If the standard model of cosmology is correct, then the Big Bang event created space-as-a-thing from scratch; from absolutely nothing. Though postulated as a given, no one has yet to come up with an adequate or even credible how that happened or even could happen. Worse, that process is ongoing. Recall that the late Sir Fred Hoyle was bucketed for advocating the Steady State Universe which required the creation of matter from nothing – something like one atom of hydrogen per cubic mile per year or some such order of magnitude figure akin to that. Hoyle could give no mechanism. Of course his retort was that the alternate Big Bang event created everything from nothing all at once, again without any mechanism given, but that was apparently okay while his creation from nothing wasn’t. Well creation from nothing is NOT okay in any cosmology.

I really have to admire the audacity of some cosmologists in their popular writings. In one chapter they will state the First Law of Thermodynamics about how energy (hence matter) cannot be created or destroyed but only changed from one form into another. In other words, there is no such thing as a cosmic free lunch; you can’t create something from nothing. Yet in another chapter they will note how the energy density of the cosmos is unchanging or how it is a constant, even though the Universe is expanding. That immediately contradicts the First Law of Thermodynamics. Since space-as-a-thing translates into the creation of dark energy and dark energy translates back into the creation of space-as-a-thing (each creating more of the other out of absolutely nothing) that’s a free cosmic lunch. They – cosmologists – contradict themselves. If they don’t realize they’ve done it, they don’t deserve to be in academia. If they realize this contradiction without commenting on same, they deserve to be kicked out of academia.

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